• MobileECG System

    FDA approved in 2010, the MobileECG System is a True 12-lead wireless PC Based ECG/EKG machine with CardioVu interpretation software. The MobileECG System is perfect for use in a doctor's office, clinics, hospital setting, or home health and visiting nurses. Just think no bulky cart to push around, fewer cables, no paper to load, and lower cost. The CardioVu interpretation software provides over 900 clinical statements using the Glasgow Analysis Program. The Glasgow Analysis Program has over 30 years of development in clinical environments. EKG tests can be performed, interpreted, reviewed, and emailed or stored in only minutes.

  • Holter Model 950-3CH

    With over 20,000 Digital Holter Recorders sold to date through Applied Cardiac Systems, our Digital Holter Recorders are one of the most rugged and reliable products on the market today. Released in 2010, the Model 950-3CH is a direct replacement for ACS Model 2010, 2003, and 2002. The Model 950-3CH weighs just 3 ounces and samples in excess of 4K samples per seconds providing high resolution recordings in a lightweight, compact design. This High Resolution ECG makes it possible to record true pacer artifact, diagnose pacer function or malfunction, and verify pathological ST-Segment changes. All our Holter recorders have been designed to maximize patient comfort without sacrificing quality.

  • Holter Model 950-3CH-X

    The Model 950-3CH-X Holter recorder was designed for long-term Holter monitoring and a special feature called Brief Recordings. With all the features of the Model 950-3CH, it also records up to 21 days of continuous three-channel full disclosure with only one "AA" battery. In Brief Mode, the recorder can also be used to record 50 patients with up to 48 minutes per patient of ECG data for later downloading and analysis. This allows research facilities to perform short recordings (6,12,18, 24 and 48 minute user selectable) for the purpose of ECG clinical studies. As with our standard Model 950-3CH, data integrity is provided through a unique patent pending technique that includes date, time, and patient ID stamps along with a CRC-16 check on the recording every 2 minutes, ensuring usable recordings while preventing patient data mix-ups.


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